Pink Poodle


With the Pink Poodle Dress Lounge, owner Raeshawn Bumphers brought to reality a vision inspired by the women of her family two generations before her.  The Pink Poodle Dress Lounge [PPDL] commemorates Ms.Bumphers' great aunt's (Everleaner McDowell), Pink Poodle Lounge in Milwaukee, Wisc. The shop's vintage-themed deco is inspired by family mementos and pictures of by her grandmother (Essequeena Jones) and her grandmother's sisters, whose names and faces are honored in the showroom.


Ms.Bumphers spent more than two decades in corporate America and public procurement roles, while moonlighting as a wedding planner and provider of hospitality services. Raeshawn ultimately decided to pursue her dream and became a full-time entrepreneur when she launched the Pink Poodle Dress Lounge online in October, 2017.  The Pink Poodle Dress Lounge is one of only a handful of bridal salons located in the City of Detroit.  As a winner of the Motor City Match grant competition, Ms. Bumphers received a $25,000 grant which was used to bring PPDL from an online store to an actual brick and mortar bridal shop and dress boutique at Detroit Jefferson and Chalmers Historic District.  


The Founder's ultimate goal is to provide an enterprise of glamour, style, elegance, and grace to greater metropolitan Detroit that enhances the vitality of Detroit's renaissance while simultaneously establishing a family legacy by providing customers with an unmatched and cherished total experience.