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Preservations & Cleaning

We offer the service of wedding gown preservations and dry cleaning. Delicate cleaning techniques are used to carefully and safely clean garments. Schedule your appointment to bring your dress in and we will handle the rest.

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Wedding Dress Preservation

The easiest way to have your wedding dress and veil professionally cleaned is to drop off to us! Your dress will be cleaned and color preserved for years to come for $349. 


Tuxedo Preservation

Dry cleaning and preserving your wedding tuxedo are important in keeping it looking new for years to come. The tuxedo needs to be cleaned of dirt, dust, and other particles that accumulate during the wedding. Preserving a tuxedo will prevent damage from sweat and other stains.

Ask about our Tuxedo cleaning and preservation
Wedding Gown Preservations.jpeg
Wedding Gown Preservations

Wedding Dress Cleaning

This Service is for cleaning of your wedding dress only. Cleaning of your dress is perfect for plans to wear again soon or sell to the next bride to be.

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